Reviews for "Necrorun 2.0"

Great art style and simple but engaging gameplay. I also really like the music.

So fun, i really loved the art style and proves that you don't need a big history for a great game.
One of my favorites.

I felt like the game was against me.. and not because if I run into a tree I'll die. Occasionally, those birds fly directly over something your about to land on, and you have a choice.. kill the bird for one more combo boost... or save yourself and keep going.

By about X50 (which is hard to get too) it is those choices that make me click furiously at everything afterwards.

For amusement: When looking at those bouncing rocks that miss you and break your combo, don't get mad. Just think, the asshole family from Space spalls has a long... long bloodline.

Very fun to play, the controls weren't to complicated and the power ups made things a lot more interesting especially the dragon. Getting a 50x combo is rather challenging but not impossible and the variety of enemies kept you on you're toes. The music also helped add to the mood of making you feel like a bad ass. Well done.

Great game. I just love Death so much. : )