Reviews for "Necrorun 2.0"

Cool game now i wish i had an iphone so i could play it properly instead of using this janky laptop. i really like the dragonform addition and the music is awesome. Any chance you could get caio lopez to submit his tune to the audio portal?

r-macdonald responds:

I'll talk to him. You can download it at www.lethegames.com though

There you go: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/482330?updated=1

addicting o.o and i know how to unlock the secert medal pm me if you wanna know XD

I'm not an expert or a fan of "runner" games, but I have to confess this one is addicting. At first I thought it wasn't that cool, but play after play it became more and more interesting. Also, it's a great improvement over version 1.0, with enhanced gameplay and more variety. Still, I don't like the powers' system and how special abilities need the previous one to be unlocked before, even when they seem totally unrelated. And lifeless shard should have other uses as well, since playing the game about 20 times is already enough to buy all powers and then you don't have any use for the shards.

Graphic and animations are really catchy, as it's the atmosphere, and I even appreciated the grim humour related to how you "died".

I think the knights should be a bit more different one from the other, at least with a colour change.

Gameplay speaking, I think the scoring system is not the best: it's usually easier to score high being lucky than playing well. If you don't break the combo from the start (when, due to the lower speed and fewer obstacles, it's easier to do well) and you're lucky enough to make a couple of double or triple kills, you'll have achieved a higher score than if you've killed 4 or 5 knights breaking the combo only once. This makes it almost pointless to continue playing if you've broken a combo (missed an obstacle / enemy), for it's unlikely you'll still be able to score well after that.

r-macdonald responds:

If we ever release a 3.0 version, I would like it to have either "consumable" powers to spend the shards on, or a power that can be bought multiple times for a high price. That is why there is a space on the powers menu, the last power was intended to be something you can purchase many times, but since this is tied to a whole new mechanic of the game (we wanted to have in game powerups as well), we decided to leave it for now to plan it better.

One possible in game power up would be to somehow when you brake a combo, you don't lose everything. Like a "shield" that protects your combos.

But even as it is, in the last stage of the game (province of evila), you actually don't go as fast as the other 2 stages. That means even if you brake your combo, just keep going with your current score. Its best than starting over

Edit: also, Loom is one of my favorite games. It may not be the most "fun" one, but I think its the most special game to me. Hope Forge goes well.

Agree with Atiak-Eros... the block key should be moved to a comfortable location

great but please to god move the block key to E or something, using WASD and C is very annoying

r-macdonald responds:

You can block with shift too.
Anyway, writing down your suggestion :)
I go through all the comments to improve future versions of necrorun. That is what I did with the first one to release 2.0