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Reviews for "College-Ruled Universe"

Its good, but again, its just a demo. A suggestion I would like to make is either respawn invulnerability or a forced respawn location in the middle. This is because while fighting the boss, the part where he attacks from behind he can end up killing you multiple times before you even have a chance of moving away due to the fact that you respawn where you died- right where the boss has located itself. Other than that the mechanics of the game seem fine and make a decent demo. I would like to see where you take the gameplay, whether it be the type of game where the player levels up or not, whether it has shifting gameplay, or if it has a major plot. I also look forward to how you deal with future graphics such as leaving the game as a mostly colorless experience or if you are going to add some kind of coloring to add to the personality that is already present. Overall, this is pretty good for a demo. 4/5 stars, and I look forward to seeing this evolve into a full game.

LordDF responds:

It should respawn invulnerable, but you might be experiencing a glitch. I'll look into that. Secretly, I think it's fun to kill my players in frustrating ways once in a while. >:)

Thx for review!

This was pretty cool. Needs a lot of work, but obviously it's just a demo...

Cool designs overall, and a really cool use of colors. I especially like the designs of the charge bar and the boss.
Every once in a while I mistook a background object for a foreground object and wasn't sure if I should dodge or shoot it. Not sure if this is intentional in the design.

The intro was really confusing. It was telling me all these controls and was thinking "Ok, when do I get that item?" I'd thought it was going to be a platformer.

Major suggestion, change the name. I understand that you're referring to standard lined notebook paper, but "College Ruled Universe" is just too confusing. I should say, the correct meaning is not the first thing that jumps to mind, even when I know what it is.

LordDF responds:

Rlght, I'm starting to consider a name change to something more catchy. Maybe...doodleverse? Notebook Adventure? Hmm, if you think of any good ones, PM me! I may just use it.

And yea, I'd like to show more in the intro, but I couldn't purely due to my lack of ability as a programmer. The final will expand immensely on that!

Very nice game. The art was just amazing and was a joy to look at while playing. The serene music was also enjoyable. My only issue with the game is so minor I didn't even take it into account on the score. The charge beam (or whatever it's called) took a long time to charge up and was only good for like one split second blast, awesome but kinda a waste. A longer fire time, or maybe summoning temporary drones that add to fire power or something would be a lot better. Overall awesome game and can't wait for the final version.

LordDF responds:

Good review. I like your idea about the drones, and you're right, the beam is a bit lackluster. Taken into account! Cheers.

I love the style of it, very irreverent and a great score. Certainly a good teaser for an engine and a great game too. The dynamic with the shield is one I'd like to see in more shooters. Great work!

not a fan of these controls

LordDF responds:

Can you be more specific in a PM? I aim to please, bro.