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Reviews for "College-Ruled Universe"

this reminds me of an old game i used to play on the ps2 called einhander looked similar to this game... maybe you should take a look at the game and find some ideas, just sayin. i liked the game cant wait to see finished product.

LordDF responds:

Actually I've played Einhander. Brilliant game.

it looks very pretty, but i didn't have much fun actually playing it.

Pretty cool.
The boss gave me a bit of trouble with it's not-so-typical attacks but I pulled through (somehow, and only after lossing several lives to that stone-launch-from-behind thingy).
Seeing as this is a Beta might I suggest that you change the controlls?
As in "Please don't use X and Z because in europe a lot of people have something like a QWERTZ-keyboard - aka our Z is where your Y is. Doesb't make controlling exactely easier. ASDF or maybe even JKL or something should work on both kinds.

I like the graphics. Maybe because I like the whole "floaty islands" idea. If people tell you they don't like it they shouldn't be playing ti in the first place . . .
I guess you can do a lot more with colour if you'd want to.

you lay so much focus on the graphics, which look really interessting, but didn't put effort in the control, there are no physics at all at the ships movement, it's just about moving it some pixels up or down, without any acceleration or breaks, it just doesn't feel good..

Well first of all, I dont really like these kind of games. But for me it's just another person trying to make "that kind of game". Its not original and people doing it all the time.. Trying to make a weird or disturbed atmosphere for example the game closure. Sincerely it was very very boring.. The shooting wasn't that fun.
I dont like the way its drawn, it's weird and make no sense. You know what would be original that human plays a role and your just on earth no fantasy bullshit. Thats something no one does around here.
But well thats my opinion. I would like it if it wasnt all weird and stuff.. The ship im flying what is it? how is it hold together? Why dont just make a space ship that makes sense.. It may be fun for some people.. but every game here on newgrounds does that.. Its not cool or original.. kinda pretentious..
I'm sorry, but i found it pretty boring.. I hope I helped you..

LordDF responds:

I make games as an escape. If you want something 'down to earth,' I might suggest going to your local DMV or filing your taxes.