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Reviews for "College-Ruled Universe"

Very promising, however big glitch for me on shooty bit - collided with the last thing on the screen, think it was a hunk of rock, lost a life then... nothing else spawned. Just the ship floating in the void...

for just a demo its very good, cant wait to see the final product

It's a pretty appealing to play visually. But the game play is pretty dang repetitive.

brilliant - gameplay, art and music are all phenomenal, but I was disappointed in the game's progression, or rather, it's lack thereof. This game was great fun at first, but moving through waves of the same enemies and navigating a seemingly endless asteroid field got fairly repetitive VERY quickly. Had there been more variation in the level design, I could have gladly given this game a better score, but for now, it's stuck at a 4 with high potential.

LordDF responds:

Thanks man, good review! I'm bringing much more dynamic gameplay into the final.

Really liked the art style great job.