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Reviews for "College-Ruled Universe"

The collision kills are really cheap. The opening and shutting barriers move so slowly compared to the scrolling of the screen that if you arent all the way to the right when they first appear you have no choice but to run into them.

And the boss suddenly appearing on the left side of the screen and getting an automatic collision kill (unless you know about it beforehand) was also really cheap and dumb. Id also change the health display to a bar instead of tokens.

For a demo, its pretty good, IMPROVE THIS DAM

I'm looking forward to this.

Nice sketch of a game... Just a few things: you should put some natural and automatic animation at the ship while it flyes, so it would not look so static. The switch between the gameplay keyboardcontrolled and mousecontrolled is a little awkward, you should check that. Finally, and I dont know if this is gonna change all the dinamic in/of the game but, I believe an upgrade panel (where you can improve weapon, shield, healt and others, expending score or money you earn along the levels) would add some spice.

Anyway, well done.

The art is cool. Art game? Because there are no sounds for the shots or bullets when getting into the enemies. Maybe is my computer but at sometimes the game gets really slow. The lives of the ship what does it mean? Just a Marble? I know it's a demo, but at least you can put a little of history. I really liked but the one thing i didn't like it was that every illustration was bicolored