Reviews for "Dear, Princess"

this was amazing, but I must know, the music you used at the end it sounded like the last two used were from kingdom hearts, am I ryt or just way off? it kinda sounded like ocarina of time at first for the one ryt when she realizes the pile of letters, but then I listened again and I think it was also kingdom hearts. can u give me the names of the songs?

exninja123 responds:

thanks! :)
and you are correct, the music is from kingdom hearts!
the last two is actually one song called "Always in my Mind"
and for the letters scene it's called "Treasured Memories"

This was a great and a wonderful story for me to hear. to tell you the truth love for me is not in my heart really cause it is just not my thing. love is a winderful thing to many people amd it can even make pian when you don't have any love in your heart sometimes. It is true that love can be found but to get it you have to earn or maybe it can even be in your heart like you said in your story. it is a wonderful thing for many people but me i really don't know about it. I am the kind of person who never and will never know what love is really but thabks to this wonderfull and amazing story i might know now but it depends.
Good job,great work and keep making these kind of stuff.
P.S the voice acting was good it's not bad.

exninja123 responds:

thank you!
i hope one day you will find what love truly is in your life :)

welp gotta tell you, i liked the story a lot but not the message of jesus behind it. Still it was an incredible animation, nice drawings, sweet music and the voice was pretty good too.

exninja123 responds:

thanks! :D

this was very good. the animation was good and the voice acting was nice. also, it was a great decision to use music from Kingdom Hearts. it fit the mood extremely well. :)

exninja123 responds:

thank you! :D

The animation is just above par, the voice acting didn't bother me, my only issue was the translation of the symbolism.
had I not read your description I would have continued on through the day with the assumption that:
"as a girl, if you chase after other guys, the right one will just find you eventually, so don't do any work trying to find him."
as for critique on the animation itself, I would have liked to see something more appealing for the background, seeing character plotted against white space tends to subtract from the animation as a whole, regardless of its message. Her "tears of joy" seemed a bit stiff, perhaps a few lines within the streams themselves would have better provided the illusion of streaming tears (and maybe even playing with area where the tears have gathered at the bottom of her eye.)

other than that, I have no complaints. the character design was pretty cute and once I read the description the translation of symbolism became crystal clear

exninja123 responds:

cool, thanks for the critique! :D