Reviews for "Q - compressing the heart"

I found it pretty interesting, the style was a lot like Limbo, without physics and seemingly less moral. At least, I didn't see the moral. 3 stars for you.

Nice dark game with good music. It was...unexpected. The boat scene was quite disturbing as well o.0 And the dinosaur was precious. Pretty good game, could have been longer and had a better ending.

Point of order - this is an interactive movie, not a game. Cool, but highly boring "gameplay".

i really like dark games like this and this style of animation... although im not sure i really understand the story or moral if there is one

*SPOILER (sort of): wow in the boat scene i thought i was about to give him a hug or something but then... wow.

graphics = great
sound = great
but where's the game? what am I missing?