Reviews for "Q - compressing the heart"

heh reminds me lots of limbo (even thought i dint play it) i wached some videos about it while i was 7-9 and dint want to download the game cause it was creepy but this one is quite relaxing to say. nice job man :D 10/10 5/5

Awesome game wished it a lil dramtical effect and ending but hella good

First off, I love the visual style of the game. Like World of Goo mixed with Limbo and Machinarium. Not too bad, but the story is very grim and doesn't really flow very well between each transition. The boat scene, as others have stated, was a shock. As a point-and-click, I felt there could've been more potential with puzzle solving and length. The level designs felt more like Limbo's platforming but rather than controlling the character directly, you're just clicking for the next animation.

In short, it's got a nice premise for a Flash adventure game, but I feel that there could've been much more potential.

Reminded me WAY too much of Limbo, but they're both cool though :)

This game had no clear or innate meaning, and whilst it wasn't mainstream, for me it wasn't much else either. I'm not really entertained by this.