Reviews for "Q - compressing the heart"

Wow... a really dark game. Especially the atmosphere and how the characters were. At first, at then end I didn't get why the characters were falling into the pit. Then I realized they all wanted to get the heart but I guess they all didn't see the pit in front of them. The thing with the boat was... creepy. I mean, if someone helped me get a spear out of my head, I wouldn't take out their eyeball and toss them out of the bottom of the river. When you get to the scene with the clock, it would help if you got some kind of hint to move the hands. I had to go to the walkthrough for that. Also, the part where your stuck in the underground and you have to push your way out. You could of made some kind of light to make us know what direction to click at.

ok so you can click character and ghost comes out. anything else!?!?!?!........... 1.5 for music and artwork.

Very nice

Great game! :D I totally loved playing it from start to end. It was short, but it was sweet. Thanks for sharing it.

This is amazing! Loved every minute of it and I beg for more! It was very well done, and the only complaint I can even think of is how the rocks you can kick don't stick out very well. But other then that minor set back, its perfect.