Reviews for "Q - compressing the heart"

Love the atmosphere SO MUCH! Reminds me of Limbo! The music is amazing too; did you compose it yourself?
I agree that it's a bit short though...

interesting game...
i get the boat part i guess. since he didnt have a heart.
the ending was too sudden though
i didnt really get it. why there are a bunch of the same characters jumping into the pit in the end
why is the heart special to the stealer
and what happened after he got his heart back
the game didn't really explain as much as it should have.
but i like how its a dark game without dialog, decent art work too.

Too short of a game and not very challenging.

Didn't love it... but it was dark so sorta like.... OK IM GONNA SAY IT IT WAS BORING!!!!!! And so it gets four stars! ;)

So did I, I thought at least some gratitude was in order.