Reviews for "Q - compressing the heart"

strange...don't know what to think.

Was there a concrete meaning to this game?

Great game, but I didn't understand it. Was it abstract, or did it tell an idea?

Super cool visuals...

I stopped at the boat cause I hated my character after that. Not really a game, more of a click every mm of the screen till something happens dark ass cartoon.

Emo mode: ACTIVATE! (.../wrists)

Good gameplay.
Liked the fact that you avoided making the player just click randomly.
(for instance, the timed clicks where cool)
The premise was kinda cool, but the feel of the game gave me a sense of dejavu.
The ending felt like a bit of a cop out, which (I feel) was where you could have really justified and used the feel of the game.
Would love to see a sequal, for a proper ending, and more gamplay :)
The scene on the boat made me lol.
Im a bad person :(

It was a pretty good game

Really it was great until the end, and then it just kinda pooped out an ending. You could have done better with that, gave it some kind of end that lived up to what the rest of the game made you expect, instead of *Spoiler* "Here's the guy, (click, very short animation), The End."