Reviews for "Q - compressing the heart"

Overall Great

The game is really good overall, a little laggy at some parts though. Liked the animation and the music with it, but the part where you end up killing the guy who helps you is a bit confusing as to wether your really the good guy or if its that you'll do whatever it takes to get back whats yours. But otherwise I liked the mystery behind it


But he still killed him :P


For some reason when I get to the part where you need to use the arrow keys nothing works. It seemed really interesting, so I'll give 10 stars just cuz it's probably a good game.

take it like this

it's like your alone in a world and u die, the essence of life is in your hands

Cool game.. wish it was longer

Awesome graphics style, with a very dark theme. I only wish it was longer I would play a game like this for hours. It reminded me of "Boy and His Blob" on Wii