Reviews for "/ ESCAPE \"


Activate the Laser, but get underneath it.
Go back to the bottom of the pit.
When you see it, you'll love this game even more.

Oh, and It's a great game. now if only my keyboard wouldn't freeze up for 2 seconds every minute or so each time i play a flash game...

Pretty good

Pretty funny game. Its hard yes but so far my record is 443. but yeah sometimes the spikes are placed so u cant really do anything.. even with skill

This game is just amazing.

This is a great launch back into the NES era.

pixel style art-work,

hard, and fun

mild unfairness,

and just pure addicting.

I'm planning on buying this game for my iPhone so when I'm on trips, I can enjoy this just amazing game on the road.

And for that Josh, Ian and Gue, I thank you.

More luck than skill

It feels like luck is more important in this game than skill is.
To a certain degree, you can time your jumps to avoid some spikes, but sometimes the spikes are laid out in the worst way possible and you end up dying before you even hit 100 m.
It's a good game for burning a few minutes. It's fast paced, looks good, and the music suits it well.

A hit.

Yo. This game is flippin' rad. Music, sound, control response all great. Simple, bam. One thing, though is I kind of wish there was a sound whenever Escape lands on the wall. I only say so because I'm playing using both hands, one for escape, the other for up. So really, it's a selfish request so I can time my presses better and know when I've barely avoided the shocks and don't slide into them and then die. But yeah, awesome.