Reviews for "/ ESCAPE \"

The game is great because it plays on just your skill. My highest score is 308.

The trick is to take your time and become friends with the laser. You have more time than you really think you do.

Once you know exactly how much time you have with the laser, take your time. Small jumps only and use the larger jumps only when you need to.

The only pressure you have is about the 2.5 seconds it takes for the laser to reach you and sliding down into an electric trap, so timing is important.

298m is the best I could do, great game, addictive and simple! Kudos

good work! it reminds me of a ninja game i used to play, but this is difficult. its good to have a challenge once and a while

SO GOOD! So good indeed.

This is a great game, but really, it's a time waster at heart
very addicting, demanding on the reflexes, and it certainly deserves better than daily 5th place