Reviews for "/ ESCAPE \"

repetitiveness + constant death = loss of interest

I do like it, trust me, I do, but after a few deaths it loses it's value on how fun it is, and the lack of plot and goal really make it less and less tempting to play. If you had to climb a building, not knowing how tall it would be, not knowing why you'd have to, and people just kept punching you down, forcing you to do it over and over again, eventually you'd quit. Also, while I do appreciate the game changing to random sets of shockers, it seems sometimes it puts you in a position to where no matter which side you're on, you'll die, and while I have usually found ways to work around these, that requires time, which is shortened by the accelerating laser underneath you. Another issue is the annoying trait to where if I keep doing "hold" jumps, it goes higher, (when the long line of motion is behind you) this usually screws everything up, as it then completely changes the original controls, to a point where it makes it hard to manage, forcing me to wait for my jump, which then shortens the me/laser distance, maybe adding some actually useful powerups and the ability to pick a difficulty, and giving us a plot and goal for the ascent would really help it, but nevertheless, with a quick stress-break between every 3000 deaths, one can tolerate it, and still find it enjoyable.

I enjoyed this.

I usually don't write reviews but here it goes!
I really liked this game it's challenging but not impossible, the 8-bit graphics are a change from other games of this type as well. The music was also well done, had me pumped from the beginning! The "luck" aspect really is what ups the difficulty of the whole thing, which is good. The game becomes boring if its the same thing over again.


This is a fantastic game! There is a lot of challenge to it, but it's the perfect amount. Not to little so that it's boring, but also not to much that you want to eat the computer screen. I must say there is some luck to it because you can never tell what's coming up next which forces you to go more slowly and move strategically. Timing jump is hard but can be done. Once again Great job! Also my highscore is 320. W00T


The dark yet appealing 8 bit graphics, along with the single-button game-play, makes this game seem simple, yet, for me, that certainly was not the case. It was rather tricky, to be completely honest (although, I am not much of a gamer, so others opinions on the difficulty level may vary ). Overall, I loved the seemingly easy concept, and the retro-sounding and quick-paced music perfectly matches this game.
I'm just curious though... does this game have an end to it?

I loved it!

But it is just impossible! It's almost ridiculously difficult! I really don't see how it 's not based on "luck". I've tried tons of times to actually try and sort of calculate the jumps but I just can't seem to nail it. The worst part is i can't stop playing it!