Reviews for "/ ESCAPE \"


activate the laser and go down before it actually starts,look whats instead of the ESC button!
simple but nice game btw

Sad :(

eventually the little purple ninja will die. no matter what he will not escape.

Incredible game. Seriously.

Every aspect and mechanic of this game has been really finely honed and refined and it definitely shows. Jumping feels really, really satisfying and responsive. And it's incredibly addictive (I've gotten an entire chat room of people trying to beat one another's high score for the past two days). This really is a very fun and good game. It's hard, definitely, but once you get into the groove of the mechanics it's very gratifying.

Just awesome.

Okay, first off, I wanna say you picked the best music EVER for this game, the mechanics are great, one button only, and the ninja looks awesome. Best. Game. Ever.

I can`t get enough of these games..

Simple yet awesome and fun game... Enough said