Reviews for "/ ESCAPE \"

I get it, Esc is a possible button for jumping....and the game's name is Escape.........

Don't know what to say, there was some times when I perfectly planned out my jump and still died and on the other side There was 1 time where I got to 212 by spamming lol. Not on the difficulty side, I also felt that there isn't enough enemies, I remember a scratch game called pumpkin dash or halloween dash I don't remember but basiclly you play as a pumpkin and you jump while avoiding cats lasers and more, I feel like that game had a lot of creativity even though it was just a scratch game. However this is not hate I felt like since you are being rushed by a laser while having to plan out your jumps is really cool. 4/5 Indeed.

Nice game

So this game had some nice controls and some good balance between fast and slow moments I believe some better flashy effects are in order to make it look better but the idea of the game was good and this game could use some medal options but it was nifty

Ad some medals to this game


It's just so damn addicting! Just beat my own record and got 638 \m/,
It's heavily luck based, timing the jumps is quite easy once you get to know the game a bit.
I play it for years at work when there's not much to do so I got quite good at it.
Now on to beat my highscore again ~

I didn't understand this game at first. It just seemed too easy. I then realized the hazards. Then it became less enjoyable. This is the first game I've ever played that prominently featured the Escape button. How unique!

I just loved how stylistic it was. You have great shades of purple here. I even like the title. It has those cute sideways things on it. The sounds are nice too.