Reviews for "/ ESCAPE \"

Good game

I disagree with those saying 'it's all about luck'. There is a certain amount of luck needed, but by holding down the jump button, you can jump higher and you also need to use gravity to line up the right jump. It's a lot like Super Meat Boy in that sense.

Either way, the game is very addictive, it has nice pixel art and the music is catchy.

Loved the trollface

Great game, and sweet easter egg.

I've played better

Ninjump for instance is a much better game than this because it has power-ups that take a little of the bad luck out of the equation. Mostly though this is just boring. It's tapping the same button over and over again. The spikes always seem to be in the wrong place and you'll often find yourself hitting the wall just above the spike strip only to slide to your death because you haven't got Flash-level reaction times.

Either that or you don't have enough time to slide back down to line up your jumps so it's get it right the very first time or not at all, which is frustrating. Honestly, I don't see a lot of effort put forth here. It's mediocre at best.

Nice game : )

You guys did well in this game.
Nice quick music, that gives the feeling of "you need to move your ass right now"!!!!!
I kept going for aiming higher and higher, and couldn't stop befor i had tryed over 30 times and made to 332.
I would love it even more if you removed the spikes and made it a time attack game, so you would have more use in combining the jumps and get out as fast as you could.
Also loved what happened if you dropped down befor the laser activated XD
I like everything about the game. 10/10

not good

i dont like it so much because its a game of luck not skill you have almost no controle over where hes gona land