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Reviews for "William and Sly 2"


Took me a while to find that last mushroom and key, but I finally got 100%. Loved the ease and how.. nevermind, I loved it all!

Wow. I only just discovered the first game the other day and I was so impressed with it, you can just imagine how pleased I was to find that there's a second one! And it didn't disappoint, I think the new graphics and the more fleshed-out objectives in the sequel are fantastic - the world really is beautiful and is a joy to explore. Some people have said that the fox has lost some of his charm because of being converted into 3D, but I disagree. I think the fox is just as adorable as ever, though perhaps he has lost just a touch of that beautiful running action that he possessed in the first game. I think you still need to work a little to improve the ease of navigation through the journals and the map, but that's being quite nitpick-y. Besides, I'm sure as you continue to develop games in this franchise (and I really hope you do) you'll polish up all of those little things anyway.
I also wasn't quite sure why William was missing his shirt at the beginning of the game either, but again, I'm nitpicking.
All in all, a really great game!

This is truly beautiful and I loved the graphics :)
Breath taking.
I loved the music and just the whole plot!

I love this game!! :D Everything about it is awesome I hope you keep making games

Just saw a game called Seasons After Fall and got reminded of this game. Jeez I loved this back in the day...