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Reviews for "William and Sly 2"


Staggering detail.... Speach-less, I used to write reviews for every game I played but now I reserve that only for those that could use more improvement or to beg authors to make more. Please sir, make some more. The music is what really got me, I find myself wondering if I'm in a gallery of art or playing a game at my desk. This truly takes the cake. What truly surprised me was how lacking it was in glitches with such great detail. Thanks thanks again.

I am a thoughtful, bloated, zen-minded fox.

This game is great. It is actually pretty zen. No monsters. Just collecting stuff. It never really gets boring. Just when I'd get to the point of being annoyed about finding something, I'd find something. The one special ability becomes available just in time to track down the few stray items that'd I'd have to scour the map for. I can just enjoy myself and kill...holy crap, a couple hours?!

Nicely done.


I had waited for second part soo much! I loved the first one, it was beautiful and it really got you addicted to it!


Wow... that's all I can say about this game really. Just about everything about it is amazing and mesmerizing.

fantastic. this is like if Metroid and Flower had a baby. please make this an app so i can play it on the go! looking forward to more levels :)

Kajenx responds:

I've been thinking about making a phone "app", but I don't have any idea how you'd do platformer controls on a touchscreen... If you have any examples of games that have figured it out, let me know!

Otherwise I was thinking a dungeon crawler type game would work well.