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Reviews for "William and Sly 2"


Eeeh!! I love the first one! And i'm glad these a second! Thank you!

a game of the ages

Wih is you don't get a sense of disapointment and you feel better then you played it and enjoyed it more then the first one.

Wonderful game the attation to detail is remarkable. A game for the ages.

Simply stunning!

This game is beautiful in every way. The music, character animation, multi-layer backgrounds, and the gameplay are all very impressive components that come together to create a very rich experience. I guess that my only regret is that, once I did everything there was to do, I still wanted more. Will there be a third installation in the series one day? I truly hope so.

Did not expect it!

The graphics are TOTALLY different then the last. I absolutely love it. You did a brilliant job on the art. I'm addicted to this game, you have no clue!
Thank god for the auto-save.

You have successfully made ANOTHER fantastic game, sir Lucas.

good sequal

took some searching and managed to find a comment mentioning a hidden cave on the side of a cliff to get that last page. sad to see so many people giving bad scores for being unable to find everything and even saying the game is messed up. Would have been nice to have a bigger finish like the first william and sly...