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Reviews for "Trippin Kitchen"

It is cool for something made in 7 hours...

But still, you shoulv've just kept working on it.

Like, the granny could have upgrades, from pan, to rolling pin, cleaning brooms, and such. Also, upgrades in speed and/or strength that reflect on her looks, like new slippers, gowns, night cap - all the granny stuff, and maybe even upping to extreme stuff our tough granny might want in secret! It would make the game much more amusing experience. Like this, it is pretty lifeless and it get boring quickly.

The animation is pretty awesome though, and the music is nice. In fact, evrything about this game is good expect for the gameplay itself.
I'd rather spend my boring afternoon studying than playing this. :(

Mattster responds:

Would have loved to keep working on it, but there was a deadline after all. There will be a few updates in the near future adding medals and whatnot.

Sweet 'story'

Hey all,
Nice everything. Tho if you find the sweetspot and mastered the combo's, it's just mashing the spacebar :( wave 3 round 3 level 3 was more then plenty for me.
Little too repetitive, but looks well and smooth play.

Not bad for a game jam!

I can appreciate a game that tries to teach the player patience under circumstances of urgency...while I was frustrated about tapping "A" in the wrong order, (repeatedly swinging 1, 1, 1, 1! 1!! 1!!!) I quickly learned to pace myself for the first volley 1...2-3...then, luckily, Grandma can spaz out and I can unleash a flurry of 1111111's until even Flour bags don't stand a chance.

While that game mechanic was unique to me, I'm also all too familiar of the character not wanting to turn around in mid attack. Poor timing on my choice when I initially began an attack in the wrong direction? Possibly...but it seemed "sticky" to me when she wasn't responsive enough to turn around after a finished attack, and cover her back.

The introduction gets the point our clearly, Even though this seems to be a predicament where Grandmas seemed to have forgotten her meds moreso than just drinking expired milk. But what was daunting was the game's method of showing us our progress.

I just beat the game, and I'm still unclear as to how it treats the wave / round / level increments. Is it...five waves = +1 round, 5 rounds = +1 level? Just before the explodey carrots came in, I was beginning to wonder if the game had an end... after the explodey carrots, I wondered if I was near it. As I zoned out, it seemed the waves of baddies after the explodey carrot was introduced was thinning...it actually got less challenging, even though there's more enemies, and this could be attributed to mastering Grandma's combo patterns. Then all of a sudden FRIDGE BOSS, but it turned out to be more a survival mode...held out, defeating the baddies, and we got a neat pose and a sort of underwhelming ending. One play through, I never even saw what the Game Over screen looks like.

By being a Game Jam submission, that alone seems to dodge it of fault, but if I were to criticize anything, I'd sum it up to it just lacks depth. Even for a Grandma tripping out in her kitchen not unlike a cartoon interpretation of the mother in Requiem For a Dream, it lacks deeper mechanics, clarification, and payoff.

A breezy, fun timekiller, the music was excellent, and so was the art. The wide-angled background looked awesome, though there seemed to be missed opportunities with changing the sky outside of the windows. Grandma's floppy titties did so with grace. Good job, y'all!

Mattster responds:

Thanks for the review!
All round has 5 waves (except for a few which seem to have 6 -.-), level 1 has 2 rounds, and each level after has 1 more round. The waves were quickly put together last-minute, so that's why they seem unbalanced. Most of the time was focused on gameplay rather than wave design.

There were lots of features and ideas for this game, but time became an issue since as it is a Game Jam game.

MC was pretty proud of those floppy tits.

Not bad.

The game is quite good even though it is done in 3 days,the controls are smooth.The game needs a mute button,include upgrades and maybe a change in background in every wave.

Mattster responds:

We originally had plans to change the background up, but we ran out of time. A mute button has been build into your operating system, so we figured people would use that.


i love the old lady animations, My one criticism - I feel like there really should be an impact sound of some kind when you hit your burgers etc.it just seems blatantly missing from an otherwise complete game.

Mattster responds:

I knew I forgot something :/ They're there, just not played... Expect to hear them with the update :D