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Reviews for "Trippin Kitchen"


It has potential, but got very repetitive. But then again you said you did this in 72 hrs, so for that 5 stars. Would of been 10 if the music could change, maybe upgrades, if combos actually shown/counted for something. But other then that, idea and graphics are good, so +2 stars.

p.s. I thought expired milk turns you into a zombie....hmm

Boring and dull

Man, this is totally boring... I can't think of a more repetitive game. No combos, none other moves apart from just pushing the same button on and on and on...

The good part of this game are the graphics, I think the grandma design is very good. But, on the other hand, hamburguers and toasters seem to have been drawn in like 30" and their style does not stick with the rest of the game.

Seriously, I played the game for 2 1/2 levels (with all their rounds, bonus included) and I bore a lot. Needs serious game mechanics improvements.

Mattster responds:


I like it.

Not the best game, but it's good. I like the general feel, very silly and light, and for a Game Jam entry it's really good, especially the art for the opening cutscene. The gameplay is repetitive, but the artwork was good and the general feel is perfect. It's a thumbs-up from me!

it was ok but

there is only one button there should be more and better combos

Good, but too easy and short

I know this was made in a game jam, so I can excuse it's shortness, but at least make it harder! I beat the game in about 15 minutes, and I didn't lose once. The overall gameplay was pretty dull too. Nice art, though.