Reviews for "Trippin Kitchen"

I like it.

Not the best game, but it's good. I like the general feel, very silly and light, and for a Game Jam entry it's really good, especially the art for the opening cutscene. The gameplay is repetitive, but the artwork was good and the general feel is perfect. It's a thumbs-up from me!

it was ok but

there is only one button there should be more and better combos

Good, but too easy and short

I know this was made in a game jam, so I can excuse it's shortness, but at least make it harder! I beat the game in about 15 minutes, and I didn't lose once. The overall gameplay was pretty dull too. Nice art, though.


should of made the ending better

Funny, but a little repetitive

This game has a good theme going for it. But it could've done with a few more features. Things like power-ups or an upgrade system would've made this awesome. But considering the time you had, it's enjoyable. Grandma's got quite the wicked backswing.

Mattster responds:

She's a total badass, ain't she?