Reviews for "Trippin Kitchen"

For a Jam game? Impressive, to say the least.

Stunning graphics, challenging, for what it was, goon creepy music, nice design.

Suggested improvements: better weapons with different reaches and combos would've made the game much more that it ended up being. Also, it would've really been nice to see granny come down off her trip and just cuss in bitter old lady rage.

Granny can take almost anything, even a fridge

Nice job, loved the sensation of using granny to beat the hell out those creepy meals that are after her cookies

Mattster responds:

They're so evil! D:

nice game

anybody seen a granny swing something like that? wonder if her back aches...
anyway...the gameplays actually nice and has easy controls and movements...
but wtf the ending!!! wat actually happens to the granny? more hallucinations? even a "and they live happily ever after" ending (with the cookies) would seem nice though.

p/s: anybody notice that grannys swing has quite a long range and can hit enemies behind her? that makes standing near the cookie jar help survive the waves a lot. all u have to do is just spam the space button and...well...wait for more enemies to come and be flatten by a pan

Mattster responds:

Yep, the range is intended that way. When she swings, she can hit some enemies behind her as well. I think you'll find it even easier if you try and combo instead of just spamming ;)


The ending was very disappointing, It was fun game to play for a short while but still, I wish the ending had been better.
I mean, is she hallucinating forever, THE END?
If you could roll that in, I would be appreciated otherwise the intro fills useless.

agreed and there is a bug resetting

if you press click reset many time you can get 999 hp O_O
I enjoyed playing for some time and i like the graphic+ sound but i can't give high score for game play like this, dont be so down if i rated it low :)