Reviews for "Trippin Kitchen"

love love

<3 game

Fun, simple, cute

The granny is fantastic. She looks really funny. The gameplay, although a bit repetitive and simplistic, is right on the money. The game could use some speeding up - in particular the intro video seems to go on too long, but overall, a really fantastic job. Well done!

Frying pans...

...who knew, right? -Tangled

Mattster responds:

You never know!


Even though its just a basic game, its executed very well. Everything ran smooth for me. A combo counter would have been neat. and maybe some knock-back damage for enemies. Like, knocking an enemy in the air, into another enemy , would cause damage and add to your combo multiplier. I would love to see some crazy combos with that.

Heres a trick-

time your attacks and when you do the 3-hit combo and she slams the pan down, you can turn it the other way to do damage to the other side as well. Worked great for the bonus round

Some bugs..

I got stuck after the bonus round. Maybe because of those spamming enemies then spoof, it never ended. Good Game.. Maybe upgrades, Combo Modifier or add anything that will make the game more exciting.