Reviews for "Trippin Kitchen"

Gahh! im a grany!!

I loved this game was screaming Gahh im a grany through out the hole thing i loved it nice job

Decent result

I had expected maybe more from this team, few big names you know.
As for the game i must say it's kinda repetitive. And the levels don't get that much harder
with exception of the boss that is.

I do like that you removed the combo frenzy. At first when you got the combo, just spamming 'space' was enough to make her repeat it over and over making it way to easy to play.

And as for the easter egg.. i don't wan't to talk about it xD

Mattster responds:

Haha, the frenzy was never intended to be there... just a result of having no time to test the game.

GandMa Aint Buyin your Jive!


the time it took to make it, getting fucked up on expired milk, a crazed-combat-fighting-granny, an excellent choice of weapon, and when you swing it her big granny boobs flop, you get a ten

Mattster responds:


Trippin Balls!

I loved the intro and the overall art, really fun stuff. Sadly the game lacked alot of actual "game", so this got rather dull pretty fast. But pretty smooth overall nonetheless.

what is going on this week!?

this is the third game i played tonight that was about hallucinations or tripping on shrooms. I hope this isn't a hint for me to do LSD or a sign from God that i need to get some drugs.
Oh srry about the rant; anyway cool game