Reviews for "Trippin Kitchen"

another game jam masterpiece

bit long on the rounds. but love the boss.

Quick and dirty

Nice game - love the art and style.
However I would have preferred some kind of upgrade mode - maybe the old granny could have been able to jump, run faster or hit enemies harder...
The other thing is the wave/round thing... maybe redefine to a continous growth of enemy strength rather than going from easy to hard every round.

For a game developped in 72 hours its really neat though.
Keep up the good work!

Mattster responds:

Great ideas, I agree about the upgrade system. It was on the to-do list, but there simply was no time D:

Simple fun

The game is extremely simple, but very well polished. The art style really captures the absurd premise well.

The only real flaw is the final boss- I defeated it, but it was very difficult to tell whether I was damaging it, or even what I was doing to damage it. I assumed you had to smack the bombs back at it, but just hitting it seems to work as well. Maybe turn the white hit flash red.


When I tap the right (or left) button twice, lil' granny walks out of the screen. No more smashing hamburgers :(

Mattster responds:

Well then hit the opposite arrow and walk her back on the screen.

Solid Game

Much better than any zombie games I've played in the same style.