Reviews for "the Engineer"


Cool game...it reminds me a RED FACTION (1) i dunno why,lol...

Challenging and fun

It seems like alot of people had issues with bugs and whatnot. I'm playing on a 8 year old computer, had no problems, so all i can say is "lrn 2 update" and stop using IE. The game was challenging, which is a good thing. Most games on newgrounds are too easy, this one forced me to think a little. The turrets and weapons seem unbalanced, but the level design and being able to dynamite walls was great. Not being able to dynamite walls later is lame, though. Overall, it was fun.

Good job...

I could see that you put a LOT of work into this;
you are much much better than I currently am.
But, there were so many errors that ranged from
mildly annoying to making certain features of gameplay impossable (Or at least infuriatingly hard)
I must say that overall, I'm impressed and the conclusion is:
Make more games because you are great at it, or fix this one up (Heavily)

Many issues, unbalanced... but fun.

There were quite a few problems I forsaw in this game, one being a player making turrets, and a player upgrading their own weapon. There are many other things I found dismally lacking, it gave me the feel that several people came up with these ideas and they were all crammed together without any sense of balancing.

- Upgrading the engineer's weapon pales in comparison to a turret. A turrent never stops firing, creates a maze, and costs far less.

- Some turrets are bullshit while others dominate. Machine guns are only useful for creating mazes or bottle-necking enemies, while the stun and rocket turrets make it way too easy. The beam turret (and gun) cost too much and do too little.

- Stun turret is in fact way too powerful, anyway. Two of them (upgraded) can hold back everything. Likewise, a line of flame turrets can kill anything. Put them together, and you can even finish the last level without a sweat, or any level at that.

- I set up three rocket towers, and one stun, and all I have to do is run into the fray and pick up the scrap and run back to the heal station. Rinse, repeat, and I save up enough to run out and plant more turrets near the next terminal.

- Enemies start off being incredibly easy the first few levels, then suddenly the next type that come take a dozen shots to kill. What gives? Ever heard of increased difficulty, or did the game creator say "Fuck it, I'll halve the levels and just screw it with the learning curve"? I was still learning what turrets and guns to use when gigantic motherfucking rocket tanks were crawling up my ass!

- I can dynamite rock in the first few stages, but later stages... there is nothing to dynamite. What gives?

- The game can be really hard (played like it was intended) or too easy, because of the stun turret. IT CAN STUN ANYTHING, EVEN THE LAST BOSS. I literally finished the 2nd last stage by stun turrets alone.

***Regardless of what people say, the enemies do drop different scrap amounts. The smallest is 2, and the tanks and such drop up to 15. The airships drop 100, but the scraps look the same for every enemy. Funny how people complain it's always just 2 for every enemy when they don't bother to count basic math!***

nice but

starts hanging. scrap from dead foes give too little scrap points. towers are expensive and dont help that much.
not bad but, i dunno, needs some revise.