Reviews for "the Engineer"


This game is really good... but sometimes when I play it again it just freezes on the page, like I'm just typing up this review while thats happening. My favourite map 4-way circus by RAGINGBLOSSUM. Maybe you can fix the freeze. But anyway, great game! I find this very addicting :)

Very Laggy

I like how there is a severe lack of qauilty controls, making this game extremely laggy and unplayable.

I usually rate high.

I'm not a tough critic. I usually rate really high, in fact. But this game, while having a great basic idea, needs to be changed severely. First off, maybe it's just me, but it's way too hard. I think there needs to be a difference between pretty tough and next to impossible. I got stuck on the second level for a while. Secondly, seeing as you used a new version of Flash, it should be insanely amazing, but it was only slightly better that some games I've played in the last Flash. The only difference I noticed was that the graphics were a teensy bit more defined, but you could still do that in the previous Flash version. The story was just crap, and I got bored around level five. Nothing changes. Anyways, maybe I rated a little too harshly, but I honestly don't see how this is any better than the next RTS game made in an inferior Flash version. I bet that the only reason this even got third place was to promote the new Flash. Other than that, it was great.

loved this game

i almost liked every single thing about this game :D . The music was just perfect to many situation in the gameplay and i liked my possibility to solve the last stage very much xD . Just placed two healing spots in two corners of the map and got full armor and flamethrower than i played the tank and just focused at the boss and was running everytime :DD


This is a pretty good game, but I feel like it needs a bit more to it to give it real playability. There is no significant difference between the levels, other than at some point they get much, much harder. There seems to be very little in the way of strategy or tactics to make much of difference, and there is no upgrade of leveling system with which to improve your char.

To me this made the game not really worth playing after the first few levels... I like to feel that there is something to keep playing for - at least a story line, even if not leveling....

But the game mechanincs are fun and new, and the graphics are nice, so this is still worth an 8 in my eyes.