Reviews for "the Engineer"

Great game.

Everyone is complaining about it being hard. It's really not. It's pretty easy actually. I mean even the end boss you just put 2 flame throwers and 2 fully uped emps and they just stick the boss there and it dies really fast. So for all you whiners grow a pair and figure out how to beat the levels. your obviously doing something wrong. Anyway great game you got here. Only thing maybe is give a different upgrade for the gun you have other than shotgun. Shotgun blows. no range and the power isnt worth it. I'd rather time the enemies attacks and dodge from a distance. I also didnt use the armour or healing upgrade once. So up the difficulty maybe? Well done 10.

good but

I lost my save twice. Is their a reason why?


started playin it after i won the first level game froze and keeps freezing afterwards...sorry but i cant give a good score to a game i can only play the first level of : /


just dowloaded last update of flashplayer and still cant play

Did not like.

Bit of a TD and Action, but missing parts from both.
Based on played the campaign, got up to the 3 parallel terminals.

-Towers were useless, apart from the stunning tower you could just spam rockets from the armory which got the job done as it flys across the maps

-Cant blow up rocks at the same time as each other. You can build towers with no delay, why not boulders?

-Those terminals are quite annoying, why not just blow it up with dynamite?

-The price ranges seemed a bit high, if everything were a tad cheaper it would be much more enjoyable as as TD/action game.