Reviews for "the Engineer"

good but

I lost my save twice. Is their a reason why?


started playin it after i won the first level game froze and keeps freezing afterwards...sorry but i cant give a good score to a game i can only play the first level of : /


just dowloaded last update of flashplayer and still cant play

Did not like.

Bit of a TD and Action, but missing parts from both.
Based on played the campaign, got up to the 3 parallel terminals.

-Towers were useless, apart from the stunning tower you could just spam rockets from the armory which got the job done as it flys across the maps

-Cant blow up rocks at the same time as each other. You can build towers with no delay, why not boulders?

-Those terminals are quite annoying, why not just blow it up with dynamite?

-The price ranges seemed a bit high, if everything were a tad cheaper it would be much more enjoyable as as TD/action game.


Let's see. First, people with not average/old computers get fucked up by this game because there isn't a graphic quality button, which is essential for any game.

Second, what's up with the difficulty ramp of the game? First level is piece of cake then second level is hard as fuck? I mean, the robots, even the huge ones drop 2, I repeat, TWO fucking scrap pieces, which makes no sense. That makes a lot hard to upgrade your stuff, build towers and the medi station.

Also, IF you are going those 2 issues, make the time between wave incomes bigger. First wave comes 20-30 robots, 5 seconds later, comes another wave while you haven't even cleared the first wave. Now THAT is gamebreaking.

I'm pretty sure that this game will get a lot of better scores if you fix those issue.