Reviews for "the Engineer"

Not Bad

its still a cool game, but not that awesome.


One of the most addicting games i have played on this site so far.
It was really fun! The only things i did not like were the speed of the game i think most other players had the same problem (the character was like crawling across the screen)
and some of the lvls were really open (like the last one in story mode) it was not that big of an issue but that plus the speed of the character made it kind of frustrating. but i guess that's part of the game. but i think an interesting feature would be building some sort of perishable barricade. but other than that the game was awesome i would love a sequel wink wink nudge nudge. "if your a fem-bot then you can suck off"... oh yeah


Can anybody come up with a walkthrough for map 11? (preferably 12 and 13 as well?) I can't seem to survive no matter what technique I tried. ITS HARD!!!

Awesome game btw

Ok game

I like the art, I like the concept, I even like the story and voices. However, I must say that this game has a few serious flaws. First of all, the game is super slow. My comp can take up to level 90 of BTD4, but this makes it slow as cold molasses. I suggest a quality option. The main problem, that will even affect those running alienware computers, is the repetitive gameplay. The game is really boring. Sorry.

The peripheral goodies are wonderful, but the game just sucks because it isn't a game. It's a job.

This is a great game, but dont work well for me...

My computer had a bit of an issue running this game. It lagged to the point in which every 5 minutes my character became FUBAR. Otherwise great job.