Reviews for "Duty Hill"

Good work...

Played this type of game before,but this has a lot going for it...terrain for one,having the attackers rolling over the field added to the experience....good animations,good music...a bit too easy when you stick with the sub-machine gun and upgrade it fully,but I didn't mind because I'm playing on a laptop with a touch pad...which is impossible to do with most defense shooters....I also loved the fact that the more damage you took obscured the screen...made for some tense moments...Great work!! P.S. flag the post from "Wearfare" as ABUSIVE everyone whistle status is hard to come by


It is very good game. It's not to difficult to beet and that's what I like about it. I like this game a lot. The graphics, the guns, and the music are all perfect.

I advise you to put more things like:
A Bullet Proof Vest (Less damage when shot)
A Machine Turret (Last for one wave and can't buy anymore)
A Rocket Launcher
Attachments for the guns
Heavy Armored Solider
Boss Waves (Best on waves 3, 5, 8, and Last)

fully powered up pistol


i didnt even have to try really once it had full stars, only reason this isnt a 10

its pretty good except once you get good enough with one gun, all the other guns are useless.
i liked the sniper
word of advice, always take out the snipers first

Fun a few flaws but overall a fun game.
You can beat the game with only one weapon, but its fun to try the few other weapons out.

Upgrade the sniper all the way and pick em apart.