Reviews for "Duty Hill"

Cool :D

Good enough. Does get tedious, but for a short game it was pretty cool.

I only used the Assault Rifle. Put a point into 'Peirce' and 'Damage' and the rest into 'Magazine Size' and when their are a lot of enemies just hold down fire and slowly pan from top to bottom. Headshots galore!

Good game.

awesome !

This game is really fun and have played it and won many times.
can you make a version 2 of this ?


fuck yeah!

Dude This game is Awesome!!!! It puts Shooting People And buying and upgrading weapons in to 1.

great game and here are some tips:
1 do NOT get the fourth gun it has only 6 bullets at the beginning a complete waste of 6000$
2 get the SMG after wave 2 and the sniper rifle after wave 4
3 head-shots are easy with the SMG so use it to kill packs of soldiers
loved the game use the tips to your advantage :DDDDDDDDDDD.....etc