Reviews for "Duty Hill"


this is a very,very,very addictive game but please i am almost begging you make it longer. It is so good if you put survival in it i could play it 2 hours long.

thats that :)

now.....some other things: money, it is useless else for score so put more weapons in the game or put baricades,fences or friendly soldiers in it.
And the little croshair is WAAAYYY to accurret with the machinegun m16 and submachinegun, if they were bigger it would make more sense for recoil, what i liked with the machinegun because you cant spray death with it that way.

opinion:Expand it,make a survival or a zombie mod for it, find a new purpuse for money and adjust the recoil. other for that 10/10 I LOVED IT


Great game

I gave it a nine for one reason really, by the end I had accumulated like 70K dollars, but there was nothing to spend it on! I suggest making something extra, like bunkers and other defensive measures available for the player to buy, or even grenades or more guns, but overall a great game. You have my vote!

Pretty Good

Obviously very CoD inspired. I like how the soldiers look like little plastic army men. But, I do have some complaints: After I got all the weapons there really wasn't much use for money. Perhaps more weapons, or the ability to buy additional armor/health and defenses like claymores or grenades? Increased enemy variety beyond just "soldier with gun" would be a plus. Also I was expecting the reload button to be "R" I didn't find out it was the "~" key until one of those loading screen hints told me.

Not bad

It was extremely easy, you only need the pistol to win. Good game, a bit boring but whatever, I got easy ass medals! :P

It just needs a better sequel

More Weapons, Perks, Levels, and Hell, even backup support. I really liked it, but it was too short IMO. Nevertheless great job. =)