Reviews for "Duty Hill"

very fun!!!

this is so awestar! awestar means awesome for the top stars! and i got all metals!!! sweet!

@ hulkninja

Bro if ur having such trouble playing a game where ur an american soldier complaining bout how only americans can reload, i strongly suggest u play another game or buy an american keyboard cuz this game was beast mode =D


fuck yeah!

great game

I Suggest the sniper and this game nearly looks like a part of Modern Warfare

great game and here are some tips:
1 do NOT get the fourth gun it has only 6 bullets at the beginning a complete waste of 6000$
2 get the SMG after wave 2 and the sniper rifle after wave 4
3 head-shots are easy with the SMG so use it to kill packs of soldiers
loved the game use the tips to your advantage :DDDDDDDDDDD.....etc