Reviews for "Duty Hill"


is a excellent game, i LOVED IT!


Really repetitive, boring, and unoriginal.

not bad

I liked it, but it was not challenging enough in my opinion. A game should not be beaten in ten minutes. Also there should have been more waves, more types of enemies, and more weapons. In total though, it was not a bad game, but was not the best I have played.

ok i guess

For those about to play. Get the sniper rifle as fast as possible and upgrade it. It is really the only convienent weopon. It cuts right through their lines like butter. Upgrade the ammo first the worry about damage.

Not really attention grabing..

Sorry to say, but for me the game just seemed bland. Not an original idea so I'd hope for something to make up for the lack of originality, but this game just seemed to want to be as bland as possible. The men all looked like little army men I played with when I was younger and the landscape looked like someone just copied and pasted a wallpaper. The shooting was boring too, just move and click a few times and they are dead.