Reviews for "Melee Man"

"Epic game dood"

I can't get past round 3, but I love the animation and I'm getting down to the soundtrack like "Fuck yeah man!" XD

good game:]

fuck yeah!

Starts off Fun - Gets tiring Fast

Let's start with the positives and work our way down. The artwork on your character and the enemies are cute and fun, they each have fluent movement. The sound effects were good, but it would have been nice to hear a sound for when the enemies died upon shooting at them. The music was awesome for the first level and for the next levels after it, I liked this we go through this world, we meet a hilarious Newgrounds related boss and now we go somewhere new with new music? Well I was wrong on both accounts. There was no other music besides that first song and although a damn good one to hear this one song for the majority of the game just makes it drag on and on and on. Also as far as level design goes it's fun and interesting for the most part, treasure hunter in some forest areas with temples cool, but when that's all you got then it just gets boring, not to mention some levels just start with a blind jump in which I died twice for this. The controls are nice, but the character is a bit slippery at times, but not much. The gameplay also gets boring over time, for a game called Melee Man I was kind of expected a bit more, not watered down Mega Man. All in all I'm not really knocking this game, it is fun, but I think it needs a little bit more pizzazz. If you two intend on a sequel then you could add some power-ups, like a double jump, and more fun locations to go to like perhaps caves, lakes, an ice level, shoot how about climbing up a volcano.

|| Good Points ||
*Superb Artwork
*Superb Animation
*Great Music
*Great Sound
*Superb Controls
*Good Gameplay

|| Bad Points ||
*Music - Needs More Variety
*Gameplay - Level Design Needs More Variety

Good game

good job on game however you may want to dum down the randomness on the last boss even megaman had set patterns that weren't as annoying as getting raped due to the boss never coming down. other then that nice work =)


its not working when i click level one