Reviews for "Melee Man"

No continues?

Seriously? I should beat the whole game at once? Got tired after the second boss and when I came back, my game progress was gone. Otherwise it's a great game.

Not working

Doesn't work.

It's odd.

It worked just fine on my desktop, but when I tried playing on my laptop, it wouldn't work. Both run Google Chrome and have the same Java and Flash updates and everything.

So, a review from my desktop - It's a great game! It reminds me much of Megaman. Perfect Gameboy Color-esque graphics, wonderful music, and the gameplay is addictive.

Now, to get it to work on all computers :p

Works fine for me

The game works fine on my computer, it just needs to be a bit more fun(maybe adding some tougher enemies).

still can't play

can't even play it...
after I clicked 1 in stage select, the music started, but the screen isn't.

I was really hoping to play this since I am a hardcore megaman fans :(