Reviews for "Melee Man"

Dang That Boss IS HARD!!!

My tactic for the boss was this get to the middle, flip back and shoot(he always goes to the same place first) Don't LEAVE MIDDLE unless you need life, just shoot and dodge till the third wave of spikes(6 hits) on that go to one of the far platforms and dodge by good timed jumps, when that's done hope you get lucky and can kill him quickly. All in all good game, but as said your tutorials were a tad unnecessary, the boss music is interesting because as it progresses it builds up quite well. (though a tad to slow for an easy win) AWESOME FACE YOU ARE EVIL!!!


beautiful game without out doubt i loved the gameplay especially the music the music brought back a wierd deja vu yet great memories of good old times thanks

Easy yet hard

At level 14 i was like can this game get any easier -_____- but as soon as i hit level 15 i was like HOLY SH!# in my opinion the hardest level in the game including the extra. :) I'm looking forwards for your new games.


When I click on the first level to start, different music plays but the game just remains on the level select screen and the clouds stop moving in the background. I'll give an actual review once I can actually play the game.

Fun and well balanced difficulty

A huge difference between retro games and new games is how the general playstyle goes and of course what level of thinking you need. New games are very linear and to the point, where you have to obtain this for this or do this for that, but in retro games it isn't just "kill this" or "get that".

The objective in classics is to gain as many points as possible. In retro games you have to manipulate the physics of the game in order to obtain certain points, such as using enemy heads to get you somewhere or just general manipulation of the character. These games aren't really objective based, they are more collection based and they are a good way to show off to your friends.

"Bitch, I just killed like 20 people in a row on Call of Duty."
"Pfft, whatever; I got maxed out 99x lives on Super Mario and I don't even remember my score. And I killed enormous hordes of goombas, collecting thousands of coins, and stabilizing mushroom kingdom's economy...and guess what? I'm a plumber! I don't need your pussy noob tube or your silly landmines."

Overall the gameplay was very fun and you did introduce a great and wonderful amount of coin opportunities that one may miss. And you also had the classic "You got stuck, haha!" scenario. Great game, and I like the Badgers reference. My only issue is that when you land on enemy heads you have to be pressing the up button, otherwise you fall right through them.

5/5, 10/10.