Reviews for "Melee Man"

It looks similar to minecraft

It's pretty good, but damn i cannot give you less then 10 coz it was alot of work for you 'I liked it' ;)

So.. Many.. Damn.. Coconuts..

I've never hated awesome face or coconuts so much in my life. I'm not rating it lower than a 10 cause i mad, cause the music and gameplay is pretty legit.

Pixelated awsomeness

This game has everything i want in a game Pixels and Melee.


The game is fun but everything is also fun thanks for doing this game so i give you 10/10

This game was a beautiful mix

The platforming of "Mario" with a dash of "Megaman" shooting glued together with the orchestra of "BomberMan" music. Bravo, and kewdos