Reviews for "Melee Man"

Really Great Game! Reminds Me Of All the Fun I Had With The GBC With The Art Style. Great Job With The Difficult Bosses!

Nice game, but too unforgiving on boss stages.

GB style graphics and original music are great and add a lot of quality to the game (although I'm still wondering why "Melee" man uses a gun). For a game made in a week, this is amazing.

It's actually possible to go through the whole game with 0 deaths until the very last boss, which is almost impossible to beat. Takes a lot of tries and also luck to beat it. Just going slow, killing everything dangerous and timing jumps on cannonballs to avoid receiving damage.

Wish someone knew the song title from the main menu :( it's really upbeating

10/10 Like skyrim without guns.

Normal platforming game. nice effort and style.