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Reviews for "Madness Ultimatum_"

Well well

Very cool, really. You could add more details to the , like Tricky's mask, for example. Anyway, very cool idea. Can't wait for next chapter. Oh, and do it longer next time please.

very good

This flash was as great high speed madness, but the animations of people and guns were done very poorly, except for how fast they moved. You created a very good high-speed flash but you should have done more on the basic animation as well.

Somethings missing

Over all animation was good, but the graphics and how the people were killed wasnt all that exciting. Take yer time on the animation and dont try to rush it; id bet it would have been ball'er if you took your time.

Drifts responds:

will do the next time, fo sho!

Art Style

while the art was good for some parts (jumping out of the smoke, spine cracking eg) I thought for the most part esp the first bit it was really jittery and slow and when the art stops you from making out certain things (when hank shot that first grunt I thought "WTF? has that guys brain just poped for no reason?"

Also I don't really think you nailed the clowns personality at all, he could have been some random guy for all the story cared, you should have put in some more clown-related movements and touched on his insane side a lot more.

to be continued....i am still waiting...