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Reviews for "Madness Ultimatum_"


But still so friggin good.
yeah, a lot of sounds was missing, and sometimes animation was choppy
but you still made a good work, keep it up. 8/10


Forgive me if i am wrong, but dont hank and tricky hate each other? And it is an eight for the tricky fail and the poor graphics. Otherwise, pretty much up to par with the madness series. Nice job.

Not bad at all

Could've done a bit of work with the bullets though. It was fine with all else

Really cool.

Great animation, nice choice of music, badass action.

I think the only thing wrong with your overall flash is that you would occasionally put in SFX and then leave them out of other times. I don't know if it was due to being unable to find appropriate sounds, issues with getting them ready on time, or problems with coupling them with the animation, but it's EXTREMELY distracting and noticeable.

If you got those SFX down, this would easily be a 9-9.5 movie.

Looking forward to seeing more!

You certainly have some skill.

First off, that was a good choice of music. Secondly, your background animation was exquisite. It reminded me of back-drops from retro video games where you know somethings happen, and you're going to get sucked into it. Unfortunately, some of the action sequences weren't quite as smooth, but I understand that's more difficult. I'm a fan of seeing Hank and Tricky work together for a change. Great work.