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Reviews for "Madness Ultimatum_"


hank and tricky are now friends?! good job other than the fact that tricky and hank are really mortal ennemies

Drifts responds:

Their not friends HA! But they need to work together to defeat their common enemy. Not everyone can do everything alone :)


It's very good actually, but the consistency is the problem. There are some really great scenes like with the RPG and the smoke with Tricky diving out of it, but then there are scenes that bring the totality of it down like the close-up of Hank's sword - pretty choppy, so to speak. And the SFX please. Other than a bit of polishing, you're all set.

That was awesome!

This was awesome. Definitely a major contender for this Madness Day. Great art with surprising fluidity. Movies with graphics these heavy usually lag. I loved the music and it definitely fit the flash perfectly. Although the only issue I had was the action was in tight spaces. I don't want to say claustrophobic, but they're were so many shots of the characters themselves and not really any room, it looked like they were in a hallway. I don't exactly know how to explain it, but you should have drawn more excess space to the characters in tight shots. But it was really a great flash. Good work.


Looking forward to that shit coming out man!

Good stuff. Tricky and Hank friends? Oh the irony..