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Reviews for "Madness Ultimatum_"


It's very good actually, but the consistency is the problem. There are some really great scenes like with the RPG and the smoke with Tricky diving out of it, but then there are scenes that bring the totality of it down like the close-up of Hank's sword - pretty choppy, so to speak. And the SFX please. Other than a bit of polishing, you're all set.


u know fast violence and extreme action is really burned this days
but the music rulez so hard :D


That's what you are when two of the most powerful beings in the universe team up. I loved it all! Please, i beg you, make more fast!


Looking forward to that shit coming out man!

Pretty hard to get 5 stars from me.

Animation is great but sloppy, action is slow, but epic... Some parts are missing when doing the action, but atleast you did some work in drawing this, or animating.

Impressive job on the music, well picked for the whole episode, choose a bad one, I'm dissapointed XD


Your drawing skills are impresive, so is your way of animating.

Just be sure to doublecheck the video for sometime, you know like... Check if there's any fails or bad stuff making the video bad, anyways good job. Keep it up!

Did I mention this? Some things are missing like Tricky's pole which missed the [STOP].