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Reviews for "Madness Ultimatum_"


THAT WAS AWESOME! Or, to put this description in a funnier way,




Thanks, Drifts. You made a really good video.

...God Save Us All...

Hank comes after you? Situation:Fucked up
Tricky comes after you? Situation: Run for your fucking life
Both of them comes after you? Situation: GOD SAVE US ALL! FUUUUUU
Haha nice idea of them teaming up.
I don't really like how it's all from a scene to another so fast a little complicated have it slower and not fast. The Beauty of Madness is the beauty of killing not the fast paced shit.


Ouch. All the awsome bone breaking, blood and nice animation make a great flash. But still... OUCH! THAT'S GOTTA HURT!

Its Awesome!

This movie is the best madness film yet! Whats the name of the music it is totally badass!!!


wow thats all i can say this is cool movie no its not its OUTSTANDINGLY AWESOME