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Reviews for "Madness Ultimatum_"

very good

This flash was as great high speed madness, but the animations of people and guns were done very poorly, except for how fast they moved. You created a very good high-speed flash but you should have done more on the basic animation as well.

Power metal makes everything more awesome.

only a 9 because it could be a little more polished, but otherwise great job.

Still awesome man

Good stuff, Im glad you posted something, glad to see you still doing strong animating wise.

Awesome!! DRIFTSS :D:D:D

Ok, that was epic.

Well, this is better than your Madness Day 2010 animation because how longer this is.

I just became fascinated with your work, your Madness works dosen't suck at all.

Well, if you were a crappy flash animator, i never even heard of you, well... i if i blammed all your flash submissions.

I think that i was wrong for this.
The only thing i like is your rich animations.

I give this a 10 and a 5 for voting.


Well well

Very cool, really. You could add more details to the , like Tricky's mask, for example. Anyway, very cool idea. Can't wait for next chapter. Oh, and do it longer next time please.