Reviews for "Boss Killer"

It's Not a bad game but....

but theres an better game like this it's Totally free and it calls "WARNING FOREVER"

It's alright

It was really fun for as long as it lasted. The art style for the bosses was just shapes with simple fills in them, I'm curious if you were restricted to that due to the amount of objects on the screen or just prefered that style for some reason. Overall, I like the idea of a chance to just fight bosses, but the lack of length and simplicity of the design do leave quite a bit to be desired.
(I also don't get the lag problem some people have, and I have a computer that runs pretty slow)

Fun Game

The look is nice and the play is fun. The bosses get gradually more difficult and don't take sudden ridiculous leaps. Overall, very good.

Good game, and

I just realized how much easier touhou would be with mouse controls...
Played on Firefox with no lag problem :D

Bosses were nice, with decent progression, and I liked the music.

It could easily be five times longer though, and no one would complain.

My computer is ridiculously fast

And your game still manages to lag on it. I strongly suggest you learn to optimize via a class, or something. Funnish besides that though.