Reviews for "Boss Killer"

I didn't get my five minutes out of it >:C

I beat it in 4:38. I DEMAND A REFUND.

All kidding aside, it was pretty fun. The only one I didn't really liked was the first one with lasers. It just fired too fast to be avoidable... well... okay, so I'm just really bad at avoiding that kind of attack. But seriously, slow that one down a bit and it'd be really fun.

The final boss was actually really fun. It was surprising to see the attacks coming from the sides.

Overall, good game. Try to make it longer next time.

Entertaining for a few minutes.

Bullet hell? More than one hit point? You're doing it wrong. And easy, at that. Oh well, a boss rush is still a boss rush.

Totally high the entire time

Made it to the end too :D

Great game

fun, but the first few bosses where a little repetitive.

A unique spin on the Boss Battle Genre.

i like.

Thank god i wasn't high

Otherwise that last boss would have tripped me right out.
Short and sweet, enjoyed the gameplay though its a pretty classic concept.
Graphics were simple but accomplished the job they needed to.
Overall, good job.